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Redesign the MyHumber app and improve the user experience for students. The MyHumber App was launched in September 2015 with the purpose to create a system that provides convenient access to information especially for areas such as schedule, mail, grades, and account information and lowers the stress level of students.

App audit

After conducting an audit of the app, we have discovered several features that could be improved. Areas like the actual interface of the app seem more like a website that redirects the user to external content. We focused mainly on the user experience, finding the desired information and most importantly if the app is actually solving day to day problems students face. We can say that the app has a lot of room for improvement and that some additional features could be added to increase value.

pain points

In order to identify the users’ pain points, a broader approach was needed, allowing us to see through the users’ point of view and recognizing what issues they face, not just while using the app but during their time as a student as a whole. We conducted a short survey with a broad questionnaire to get a better understanding of the students’ needs, issues, and causes of stress. Furthermore, we hoped to find out more about our potential user which could help us with the concept development and interface design.

Humber eats app student survey


The results showed us what was the facility that could be improved. 

  • Food: 56.3% of the students desire better food experience at Humber College. 
  • Parking: 25% of the students are in need of a greater parking experience at Humber. 
  • Computer Labs: 9.4 of the students suggesting that the Computer Labs need improvement.
Humber eats student survey 2

main pain points

  • Low food variety (Vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, etc) 
  • Poor food quality (mostly fast food) 
  • Prices too expensive 
  • It is time-consuming waiting in lines to reheat, order and pay
  • Hard to find a free table to eat 
  • Limited access to napkins and plastic clutter
  • Not enough microwaves 
  • Not enough time to order and eat 
  • Limited access to the ingredients of some of the meals
Humber eats student survey 3

our concept

We decided to focus on a feature within the MyHumber app that allows students to order healthy and affordable meal options. Students would be able to pick up their order at the Humber’s food emporium. The main idea was to make the ordering process fast and transparent, where users easily know how to navigate the app, how long it will take, and that caters to their dietary needs. To keep ordering time and user interaction to a minimum, the app will include the following features: 

  1. Menu: Including daily and weekly options. 
  2. Description: Including more details such as ingredients and reviews.
  3. Check out: Providing price breakdown, details of the order as well as delivery. 
  4. Confirmation: Providing the order number for pickup, details about the pickup and cancelation option.


 We started the design process with low fidelity sketches and presented it to the project manager. On closer review, we agreed that some features seemed redundant, unnecessary for the app, and therefore dropped or re-edit and others are taken over for further use.

Humber eats app sketches

High fidelity Wireframe

Due to the tied deadline for this project we were asked to begin with the creation of a High Fidelity Wireframe and spend more time on user testing once the prototype is functional. Orienting on existing products, we decided on a very clean and fresh interface, agreed on the color scheme and used a familiar design layout.

user task flow


The first user test provided valuable feedback on the design layout and functionality of the main features. Based on the test results small adjustments on the user interface were necessary to improve the task flow and user experience.

Project Details

Role:UX and UI Design - Prototype Development